Wilkinson Portables SEO Case Study

Learn how Wilkinson Portables started ranking on Google with our comprehensive SEO services!

An Old Company Needed Some New Tricks

We began working with the well-established Wilkinson Portables in 2021.  Their desire to reach the top of Google’s rankings and our expertise were a perfect fit for each other.

Utilizing our SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, we transformed their website into a powerhouse that could conquer Google’s algorithm.

When we began tracking the Wilkinson website, they were reaching about <100 monthly visitors. 

We put our team to work optimizing the page for readability and search engine ranking, and we saw the first spike in performance around the end of August 2021.

From there, growth was more or less steady.  There was even a meteoric rise in traffic during February 2023, which was nearly double the stable value – 1800+ visitors compared to 1000.

Overall SEO Work and Results

Search engine optimization is a constant work in progress, and we never stop our efforts to keep up with search engine algorithms to maintain our clients’ top rankings.  It’s also not just a single approach, but a variety of strategic implementations that work together to get the job done.

Building A Foundation With Content

Using informative content establishes your website’s presence, training Google to “notice” your website and consider it a reliable, authoritative voice in your industry.  To this end, we don’t just work on service pages: we also create blog content for our clients. 

Bathroom Trailer Rental Results

The increased traffic contributes to form fills on the Wilkinson website from prospective customers, as seen below.  Specifically, this is an extract of all “trailer” rental pages, which shows a consistent flow of leads over time.

Local SEO Results

Local SEO is a valuable component of our SEO campaigns.  It involves the optimization of one’s local business pages, such as a Google My Business listing, to rank for their respective services “near me” or “in my area.”

We helped Wilkinson Portables rank higher on Google’s Map Pack, often reaching #1 in the different cities they serve.

Every “1” in a green dot represents an area on the map on which Wilkinson Portables is ranked #1 in the local area.

We also tracked the progress of calls received since June 2021 – generally over 50 calls per month, and frequently over 100 calls per month.

RV Tank Pumping & New Services

We built out specific pages for each of the services that Wilkinson Portables offers its customers, using a combination of SEO-friendly URLs and on-page optimizations to get each location’s page to the top.

Helping Others Get The Same Results

Porta Potty Marketing Pros has years of experience in keyword research that have led us to the golden formula for SEO – and we’ll use it to help your porta potty business conquer the rankings, too.

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